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How to make a million from art assets

Buying Art – for the financially rational minded Above all, art is a personal choice. For those who want to know the best time to buy, this article…

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Art to Lift the Soul – Why buy art?

People ask ‘why buy art?’ It’s simple. Does it speak to you inside? For example: My burnt out soul needed art for how it helped me feel. I…

Joanne at TEDxPickerinSt Art Sciences Museum

7 things I learned about creativity, leadership and results as TEDxArtist-in-Residence

It began with a problem. Or as the Chinese would say, an opportunity. Read on for the behind the scenes story, for the bullets, see the end. Behind…

Money in the Age of Fintec

FINTECH: the Art of Money

The link between money and art is obvious in Italy. Money is an artwork. Stay with me for a moment. This is a human not a technical question….

JFlinn_The Money Thing

The Money Thing

The million triggered something. What is money and meaning in the well lived life? A million dollars can be… A book sized block of gold or meals for…


How to Buy Right-For-You Art

Art is about Feelings. ‘When will you marry’, Gauguin asks as he paints. An investor paid $300 million for these Tahitian beauties in 2015. He cared alot. What…