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New Eyes: The Human Side of Change Leadership

New Eyes offers leading edge thinking about leadership and change. The ideas are fresh, challenging and grounded in reality.               Amazon Most…


SPMI Expert Panel, The Silent Project Killer

Organizer:  Singapore Project Management Institute Topics for the session: The key factors and considerations in communication management that can make a project successful or unsuccessful. Problems to watch…


Published in MIS Asia – Failing to assess the costs of failure

MIS Asia Featured Blog:  Failing to assess the costs of failure Projects are investments, yet are they assessed as such? A single project is either performing or not….

SPMI Expert Panel


Complexity Conference in Paris

Joanne spoke about Complexity, Change and Connection sharing insights from large organizations in Asia. Event: Complexity Conference Date: March 30th – April 1st, 2012 Venue: La Maison Internationale…


SPREAD Talk Series, Oxford: Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities: In a world of extinction, of black and white, how does the dark side create light and possibility? This session was part of the Change LEaders’…


An Interview with Ron Kaufman


Thought Leaders Awards

29th – 30th June, 2012  I  Taj Lands End, Mumbai        


Presenter: 1st APSS Pecha Kucha

Organizer: Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) Event: 1st APSS Pecha Kucha Date: 23 Apr 2012 What is Pecha Kucha? PechaKucha or Pecha Kucha (Japanese: ペチャクチャ, chit-chat) is a…


Published in CIO Asia – Enter the Dragon: The year of project success

Gong Xi Fa Cai! In these first weeks of the Chinese New Year (western New Year has past, Thai and the rest of the Mekong will celebrate theirs…


SPMI Symposium 2011

Organizer: Singapore Project Management Institute Topic : Project Management: Projects, Prediction and Performance Time, Venue and Date : 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM, West Hall, B2; 15-Nov. 2011 Synopsis: We make…


Published in TAB: Preventing IT projects from failing requires the courage to make hard decisions

The Asian Banker June 2011 (print edition), June 14 (online edition)… Joanne Flinn, author of “The Success Healthcheck for IT Projects”, feels that the cost of failure of…


Asian Banker Summit 2011

Joanne Flinn speaks ‘On Success’ at the Asian Banker Summit in HK on April 6th 2011 to the Technology and Innovations Conference. The key questions answered in the …

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Oxford Futures Forum 2011

Joanne Flinn is invited to contribute to Oxford’s 3rd Futures Forum held at Oxford University in April 2011.


Association of Change Management Professionals – Inaugral conference 2010

Joanne Flinn presents a Keynote and Master Class to the ACMP’s first conference – held in sunny South Africa, delegates represented all corners of the globe.   About…


Published in MIS Asia – Was it good for you, honey?

How do we really measure customer satisfaction? ~ on IT projects! Clearly not, I deduced as this particular person marched off. The waiter stood there looking perplexed. It…


Published in MIS Asia – What is the body count?

We count cost to life and limb on a building project yet strangely not on IT projects I was walking past the Marina Sands site in Singapore on…


Leadership & Innovation

Qi Global following Geshe Michael Roach Colin Walter & Joanne Flinn: Healthcheck: Leadership and Innovation in Asia 2.0 Colin Walter & Joanne Flinn: Healthcheck: Leadership and Innovation in…


Published in MIS Asia – ‘You don’t want it to work’ he said

‘You aren’t really trying’, ‘I don’t know why I bother!’ ~ the relationship was deteriorating. How often have you seen IT (or other projects) deteriorate as a result of differences in intent between various parts of the business, customers and IT?


Published in MIS Asia – Will you marry me?…

‘Will you marry me?’ I asked as we finished our dinner. He’d cooked, I’d enjoyed. ‘Go for it’ I’d been encouraged, ‘but don’t be surprised if …’ The ultimate complex long-term personal project, marriage seems to have more success than business-IT projects: 15 per cent are in dire shape, 51 per cent are challenged. Few are real stars. The question: how